Driving with lower back pain? Foam or Air which is better?

Why buy it?

If you where to buy a contoured shape with a tail bone cut out made of memory foam, you might have some sitting issues like driving with lower back pain or from ulcers. You might need it for the tender areas like at the end of your coccyx or under the sitting bones, IT’s ischial tuberosities,  for the pain from sitting for hours. These issues and others is why you might buy this car cushion.

Driving with back pain.

I personally have lower back pain that I deal with it especially when I drive. So I bought this memory foam product in the auto section at a department store for $12.00 to compare and evaluate. Using it, there was an instant gratification when you first sit in it but it goes away when the foam smashes and flattens. When using it I had to sit forward of the U shaped cut out because I could feel it’s edge and also my crotch was being intruded upon. I did buy it specifically to see if it could help my lower back. After about 500 hundred miles my lower back was hurting and had to give it up. My conclusion is, this product looks like it might help but really doesn’t address any sitting issues. It is a throw away product that gives little satisfaction. I know it is only $12.00 but you should get at least what you pay for.

Memory Foam vs Air

INFINITE cushion uses air as the fluid to surround you with. Unlike foam or gels, air dose not deteriorate and fail. This product will perform the same over time. The way the air is configured within the cushion is why it works. Designed to couple with your skeletal structure to keep soft tissues from being damaged while sitting. This cushion distributes your weight to reduce the peak pressures under your IT’s ischial tuberosities.

Motorcycle and Auto Cushion for Lower Back & Butt pain