The Importance Of Comfort

Being uncomfortable or in pain while riding your bike reduces your enjoyment big time. The stock motorcycle seat may be fine for the average guy tooling around town once in a while. But for those of us who love to cruise and suffer from serious biker butt or back pain – we know that some foam covered in vinyl just isn’t enough.

Don’t let a piece of foam diminish the joy of cruising. You have made a big investment in your bike. Now invest a little for yourself to maximize the enjoyment you get from riding. The only air cushion TRULY designed for motorcycles Cruiser Bike Cushion uses an air cushion ergonomically designed to accommodate and fit a human bottom as it sits on a motorcycle.

No other air motorcycle cushion is specifically designed to fit the human bottom. is confident that using Cruiser Bike and Sport Bike Cushions will improve your comfort, so we offer a 30 day unlimited warranty. If you are not satisfied with our cushion, simply send it back to us and we will provide a full refund of the purchase price.