I purchased your cruiser cushion at the Branson Rally last weekend for my 2007 Sportster 1200 Low that has a Sundowner two-up seat installed. We rode back to Minnesota on Saturday and Sunday and put about 800 miles on the bike in two days. Your seat cushion worked great. It kept me in the proper position on the seat and helped to absorb the bumps. I felt very good after both days of riding and had to pain in my butt or back. I would recommend this cushion to anyone that wants to improve their comfort on a long ride.

Sincerely, Dan Larson


Thanks for a great product! Rode from Sedalia, MO to Green Bay, WI (13 !/2 hrs) straight through with only a lunch and supper break. Would have never made it on that rock-hard Corbin!!

Thanks Again! Larry


Regarding the bike cushion I purchased at the BMWOA Rally for my R65: For background, on the way down to PA from CT I found that beginning after hr 3 (~175 miles) on the road I was experiencing discomfort at the pressure points where the vertical edges of the stock BMW saddle contacted my posterior. And of course the 96ºF ambient air temperature made the experience more uncomfortable. The areas where the saddle contacted my posterior remained tender over 24 hrs, and when I brought the bike to be fitted in the next afternoon I still had discomfort when seated on it.

Friday evening riding the bike the short 14 miles to my lodging I was unaware of any discomfort – it was really a relief.. Yesterday the bike cushion performed well on the 300+-mile ride home. The first three hours were symptom free, and were enjoyable despite the often jarring roads at speeds of 65-70 mph. While there began some feeling of a need to shift position during hr 4, at no point did I experience the type of discomfort brought on with the stock seat alone. It think it was just some residual tenderness and the need to stretch leg muscles that led me to stop and stretch after hours 4 and 5.

The cushion remained neutral temperature, which was beneficial, and did not shift / move when attached to the bike. It was comfortable the entire ride. It’s simple attachment to the seat allowed the seat’s proper hinged opening/closing, which I appreciate as well. And most importantly, it really did provide a pocket of air between the seat and my body which prevented further bruising.

It worked for me, and I will use it whenever I plan rides of several hours. And if, with continued usage, I find different outcomes, I will be pleased to share my impressions with you. Good luck with your business!

Best Regards, Mike