Why Air is Better!

1) Dampens Shock & Vibration

Why an air cushion matters, because it provides the perfect insulation to reduce the shock and vibration, one of the causes of fatigue, numbness and lower back and butt pain.
There are three different types of vibrations when you ride your motorcycle, or any other vehicle, like your car or truck. Shock from the wheels, vibration from the engine, and sound frequencies, all attacking you, creating fatigue and pain. 

2) Properly Distributes Pressure

When you sit, for long periods of time, you put extreme pressures on several critical points of your bony protrusions, resulting in back, rear, and hip pain, as well as numb butt and legs. Poor circulation causes pain that includes lower back pain and pain from ulcers.   
BikeCushion® is a therapeutic cushion, designed, to reduce high pressure points, by distributing the pressure more evenly. Unique shape of the cushion, conforms around you and envelopes your shape. The main reason BikeCushion air pads are superior.

3) Reduces Moisture

Most standard motorcycle seats are vinyl covered foam. Sit on it very long and invariably you will end up with a damp butt. Some aftermarket cushions actually make it worse. The nylon spandex cover actually wicks moisture away.


ANATOMY OF AN AIR SEAT CUSHION and Why an air cushion matters

 1) Front air valve to allow air to go in or out of the four front air cells.

2) Back left valve to allow air to go in and out of the single left back air cell.

3) Back right valve to allow air to go in and out of the single right air cell.

4) Ischial Tuberosity or Sitting Bone Wells. These indentations are where the bones rest. BikeCushion can change this distance for women and men.

5) Voided area for crotch pressure relief and air circulation.

6) Coccyx or Tailbone pressure relief and to allow air circulation. US Patent 7648191 B1