BC 13″W 12″L

$ 120.00 includes shipping add $10.00 outside the USA

13" 33 cm wide by 12" 30.5 cm long

The Best Motorcycle, ATV Cushion To Reduce Lower Back and Butt pain.           

  • Reduce Pain & Fatigue, Increase Blood Circulation, Absorb Shock.
  • Adjust air in 3 chambers for stability and to customize the fit for you.
  • Special cover design keeps the seat cool and dry.
  • Thick long lasting polyurethane bladder with a 3 year warranty.
  • Raises you little from your seat when properly adjusted.
  • Voided areas to relieve pressures under the tail bone, crotch and ITs.
  • Textured urethane surface reduces heat and moisture from building up.

Light weight and long lasting, all models use three air chambers that can be adjusted to yourself.  This makes for a stable sitting surface and a custom fit. The air Adjustment will maintain itself for years. Recommended for seats up to 15" wide or narrower.

Package includes:

Long lasting 100% polyurethane air bladder.  3/4" 1.9 cm wide nylon straps and 4 nylon side release buckles.  Polyethylene close cell foam base, that holds the cushion together and has a high friction bottom.  Cover is 80 % nylon spandex® top and 100% nylon sides, it is washable and with a two way stretch that conforms two you and the cushion. Inflation straw.  Owner's manual.

Condition: NEW


Made in the USA