The best Motorcycle and Car cushion for lower back pain.

$129.95 includes shipping add $20.00 outside the USA

13" Cushion - 13″ x 12″ (33cm x 30.5cm)
15" Cushion - 15″ x 12″ (38cm x 30.5cm)

  • Reduce pain and fatigue by distributing weight and absorbing shock.
  • Adjust air in 3 chambers for stability and to customize the fit for you.
  • Special cover design works in concert with the air bladder. This cover keeps the seat cool.
  • Thick long lasting polyurethane bladder with a 3 year warranty.
  • Raises you little, a 3/16” 4.8 mm from your seat when properly adjusted.
  • Adapts to the different pelvis structures of Women and Men.
  • Voided areas to relieve pressures under the tail bone, crotch and ITs.
  • Textured urethane surface reduces heat and moisture from building up.
State of Art

The best Motorcycle and Car cushion for lower back pain because it is the state of art, for your vehicle or desk chair, where good posture and endurance is needed. It is the only cushion available to mechanically adjust for different pelvic shape and also have the adjustment of because we all have different shapes. INFINITE cushion will promote good posture, blood circulation and shock Isolation. These attributes can relieve lower back and butt pain allowing more time to work and play.

3 Separate Air Chambers

A Paramount Motorbike & Truck seat pad, is light weight and long lasting. All models use three air chambers, that can be adjusted to yourself. This makes for a stable sitting surface because the air is restricted to flow side to side. The air Adjustment will maintain itself for years. The INFINITE 15 is recommended for seats 15" 38 cm wide or wider and is not just for your motorcycle and car, it can be in used in all vehicles you drive including your office chair.

Package includes:

Long lasting 100% polyurethane air badder. - 3/4" 1.9 cm wide nylon straps and 4 nylon side release buckles. - Single ply neoprene 1/16" .16 cm thick rubber base. - Cover is 80 % nylon spandex® top and 100% nylon sides. -Inflation straw. - Owner's manual. Condition: NEW Made in the USA, LLC