Review and Lower Back Pain

Thank you Matt for your review and lower back pain story. Consequently like Matt, myself, and many others, will drive with lower back pain. BikeCushion products can stop lower back pain and keep it from coming back in 3 main ways. 1 This technology promotes the pelvis to rotate forward for a better lumbar curve. Poor posture can be helped and maintained better with these cushions 2 Highly conforming top surface of the cushion surrounds you intimately. This cushion will distribute your weight to keep your capillaries from being crushed for better blood flow. These products can heal certain ulcers as well. 3 Air in the cushion is compressible capable of absorbing shock and vibration isolating it from your spine. Both INFINITE and BikeCuushion products are really anti fatigue seats that will increase driving time and your endurance.

Matt’s Testimonial

“Tried Winn’s bike cushion in my truck and am VERY impressed.
Tremendous relief provided for career back pain and general discomfort when travelling. I have to have one in every vehicle I own now because when I switch vehicles and forget to grab the cushion, I REALLY notice the difference. THANK YOU WINN! for introducing me to your great product. Would definitely recommend. Matt Leonard”


The benefits of BikeCushion technology will help at work, in your office chair  as well. Designed around the human skeleton the cushion supports soft tissues and keeps from damage. Sitting for long periods in your office chair, especially with hemorrhoids, tender coccyx and poor blood circulation, are all distractions from concentrating at work. The increase comfort will make you work more effectively for a greater amount of time.

BikeCushion products are built to last a life time.

The spandex cover, after years of use, will show wear and eventually will need to be replaced but the quality polyurethane bladder will last a life time. The performance will never diminish and the cushion will always feel like new. Thank you for reading this review and back pain post and if you have comments please contact me.


Winfield Matsler / owner