Stop Back and Butt pain, in 3 easy ways. Putting the correct amount of air, in your BikeCushion, will immediately give you better blood flow. BikeCushion allows you to sit up, keep your back straight, for longer periods of time. BikeCushion suspense you in air, absorbing road shock and vibrations.

1. Increase Blood Circulation. BikeCushion has a highly displaceable top surface, that envelopes your butt. This high contact, between you and BikeCushion, then distributes your weight, keeping your capillaries, from being crushed from your bony protrusions. Good blood flow helps everything, including healing back pain and other issues, such as ulcers, and fatigue.

2. Promotes Good Posture. By rotating your pelvis posteriorly, you can maintain, a proper lumbar lordosis, while you drive. Poor posture leads to pain, and it increases when you drive. Also the cushion is stable, where you don’t wobble side to side. Instability adds stress to your spine and brain, accelerating fatigue. BikeCushion helps maintain a functional posture, reducing your energy to stable yourself, while you drive.

3. Absorbs Shock. Shock from the road, the vibration from your vehicle and noise, are bombarding frequencies, that are channeled through your spine, and into your skull, that causes fatigue, and to sleep at the wheel. Using 3 separating air pockets, makes for a stable seating surface. BikeCushion is compressible, unlike gels, and unlike foams, BikeCushion doesn’t deteriorate over time. BikeCushion will work like new for many years if not a lifetime. Good posture, blood flow and shock isolation makes it the best car cushion available.

BikeCushion; Light Weight, Compact and Durable. Four sizes will fit most vehicles. Satisfaction guaranty, THREE YEAR WARRANTY on the polyurethane air bladder.


4 sizes that will fit most vehicles

BikeCushion Family         Be Sore No More!


Stop back and butt pain. Promotes good posture. Creates blood Circulation. Stable seating surface that provides shock isolation.