For: Motorcycle or Auto Cushion 15″ 38 cm Wide 12″ 30.5 cm Long

Promotes good posture, blood circulation and shock Isolation to relieve yourself from lower back and butt Pain. Light weight and long lasting motorcycle and auto cushion. Use it with your office chair. Made in the USA


For: Adventure, Sport  Touring Motorcycle Cushion 13″ 33 cm Wide 12″ 30.5 cm Long

Both sizes of these cushions use three air chambers you adjust to yourself to create a custom fit. The air Adjustment will maintain itself for years. Recommended for seats 13″ 33 cm or narrower in width. 


 INFINITE Motorcycle or Auto Cushion for Lower Back & Butt pain

Not just a motorcycle or auto cushion, it can also work well in the office, on your boat or tractor.

Designed to, encourage good posture. The cushion helps to rotate your pelvis forward promoting a healthy lumbar curvature of your spine.

Increases blood circulation. The pad effectively distributes your weight keeping your capillaries from being crushed under the bony protrusions. Better blood circulation helps many thing from fatigue to healing some ulcers.

Absorbs shock. Sitting on compressible air, can actually isolate you from road and engine noise. The shock and vibrations contribute to fatigue by bombarding your skeletal system.

Anti-Fatigue Seat. Increase your endurance and awareness for work and play. Available in two widths, 13″ (33 cm) or 15″ (38 cm) wide both models are 12″ (30.48 cm) long.

A Cushion for Women. INFINITE cushion uses a rubber base rather than foam, used with the BikeCushion products. The 1/16″ 0.16 cm thick single ply neoprene has two different settings, one for Women and one for Men. The phenomenal performance is because of the cushion’s ability to couple your pelvis for maximum contact. Two pockets of air can adjust side by side and held in place, by a strap, weaved through the base and bladder. INFINITE is the only cushion to do this.

Motorcycle / Auto Cushion

For: Motorcycle or Auto Cushion 15″ 38 cm Wide 14″ 35.5 Long

Promotes good posture, blood circulation, and shock isolation to relieve lower back and butt pain. Light weight 12.3 oz. (348.7 g) and built to last motorcycle and auto cushion that can be used in your office chair. Made in the USA


For: Adventure, Touring Motorcycle Seats 13″ 33 cm Wide 14″ 35.5 cm Long

Both sizes of these cushions use three air chambers you adjust to yourself to create a custom fit. The air Adjustment will maintain itself for years. Recommended for seats 13″ 33 cm or narrower in width.


BikeCushion Motorcycle or Auto Cushion for Back & Butt pain.

BikeCushion cushion’s will only raise you as little as 1/4″ (0.64 cm)

Two models either a 15″(38.1 cm) or 13″(33 cm) wide and both 14″(35.56 cm) long. 15″ wide model for seats wide or rider and the 13″ wide for seats the same width or narrower. Besides being a motorcycle or auto cushion, it will perform well for you at the office.

The supporting air bladder

Made of very durable polyurethane with no additives. The welded construction guaranties long service. The design like the INFINITE cushion, couples the pelvis by designated spots for your sit bones, ischial tuberosities and for your coccyx. The distance between the IT’s are different from men and women. The average distance from one IT to the other is about on average 6″(15.24 cm) for women and about 5″(12.7 cm) for men.

Foam Base

BikeCushion uses a foam base with a slip resistant bottom, holds the urethane air bladder down with straps in a way to match the different pelvic structures of men and women.

Not just for motorcycle or auto cushion, use it in your boat or camper to relieve back and butt pain.

A Motorcycle or Auto cushion

The reason for sore butt & back on your motorcycle or auto cushion is because pressures on your knobby prominence, ischial tuberosity or sitting bones, cuts off blood flow that creates PAIN. Our products are the only cushion engineered to adjust for these high pressure points areas, mechanically and pneumatically to cradle the IT’s for better blood flow to reduce pain and increasing endurance.

State of the Art Bone Suspension

The unique cushion design has three air adjustable bone zones for stability and to fit you properly. Putting the right amount of air in the cushion will make you sit deep within it. Add or delete air for the bladder to have the most contact with you. Too much air will have less contact with and will not work. When the cushion envelopes your contours, it distributes your weight away from high pressure points, making those spots have less pressure. Distributing your weight will allow your capillaries in the skin, under the sitting bones, not to collapse and allowing blood circulation.

Gender Solution – Motorcycle or Auto Cushion Built for Ladies.

BikeCushion has to match unique pelvis structures in order to work properly. The design aligns the bones to areas engineered to cradle the knobby prominence in a suspension of air. Our Nylon cover wicks moisture and is breathable for a drier cooler seat.

Your seat cushion worked great. It kept me in the proper position on the seat and helped to absorb the bumps. I felt very good after both days of riding and had no pain in my butt or back. I would recommend this cushion to anyone that wants to improve their comfort on a long ride.

Sincerely, Dan Larson

Thanks for a great product! Rode from Sedalia, MO to Green Bay, WI (13 !/2 hrs) straight through with only a lunch and supper break. Would have never made it on that rock-hard Corbin!!

Thanks Again! Larry

Your cushion performed well on the 300+-mile ride home. The cushion remained neutral temperature, which was beneficial, and did not shift / move when attached to the bike. It was comfortable the entire ride.

Best Regards, Mike

Performance Motorcycle or Auto Cushion

Don’t let a piece of foam diminish the joy of cruising. You’ve made a big investment in your motorcycle or auto, why not invest a little for yourself to maximize the enjoyment? BikeCushion for your lower back and butt pain.


Distributes weight by having a high interface with you. Reduces pain and increases endurance. Compressible air absorbs shock and vibrations easing impact on your spine. Riding time increases and recovery time is reduced. Versatile straps to fit any Motorcycle Seat. Will raise you very little 1/4″(0.63 cm). Durable & Lightweight,  12.3 oz. (348.7 g) –

Made In The USA

review and lower back pain

Review and Lower Back Pain

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