Motorcycle and Auto Cushion 15″ 38 cm Wide

12″ 30.5 cm Long

Promotes good posture

Because it tilts the pelvis posteriorly so to encourage an upright posture. Increase blood circulation by distributing your weight so that pain will be reduced. This cushion absorbs shock and isolates vibrations because that causes lower back and butt Pain.

Light weight and long lasting motorcycle and auto cushion

Made of a high quality polyurethane and its a welded construction so it will last for years without losing any performance, unlike gels and foam.

Use it on your office chair so you can increase your stamina so you can get more work done. Made in the USA

$129.95 + $11.30 USPS – FREE SHIPPING for a limited time.

Adventure, Sport  Touring Motorcycle Cushion 13″ 33 cm Wide 12″ 30.5 cm Long

Both sizes of these cushions use three air chambers because 3 is better then 1.

Adjust to yourself for a custom fit so you can make a better fit for comfort and stability.

The air Adjustment will maintain itself for years.

So the need to constantly readjust is not an issue like for other air cushions.. The right amount of air for yourself is important because we all have different shapes.

Recommended for seats 13″ 33 cm or narrower in width. 

$129.95 + $11.30 USPS – FREE SHIPPING for a limited time.

Stop Driving With Lower Back Pain

Stop it in 3 Ways

1. Encourages healthy posture and stability.

This motorcycle and auto cushion is stable while you are driving because you are not tilting side to side. 3 separate air chambers prohibit this motion because the air does not migrate from one side to the other. The cushion does allow a forward and back motion on your sitting bones, called the ischia. The cushion has unique shaped air cells, that the bones lie in, which encourages your pelvis to have a posterior tilt to help maintain a healthy lumbar lordosis.

2. Weight Distribution.

This technology evens and distributes your weight, reducing peak pressures, because of the cushion’s highly displaceable top surface. The cushions levitates your bony protrusions in a pocket of air to keep your capillaries from being crushed. Because of the high immersion depth, of this cushion, it is capable of enveloping your butt with a higher contact then most driving cushions.

Voided areas under the coccyx, perineum, and crotch.

Helps blood flow because of reduced peak pressures at these areas. Many benefits from good blood flow. Healing of ulcers, reduced fatigue, and also, good for the lower back.

3. Absorbs Shock

The air in the cushion that is surrounding you, absorbs shock and isolates you from the motor noise, because air is a compressible fluid where as gels and water are not. The shock and vibrations will cause pain and fatigue eventually. Frequencies from bumpy roads, vibration from the vehicle, and sound, all runs through you, to your spine, and into your skull. Being a therapeutic cushion, your recovery time, from after a long trip, is drastically reduced to.

Compressible air works

It work well and always will, because air does not deteriorate and go bad like gels and foam eventually do. Able to adjust the right amount of air, to yourself, makes INFINITE and BikeCushion the most effective seat pad available.

Motorcycle and Auto Cushion for Lower Back & Butt pain

For: Motorcycle and Auto Cushion 15″ 38 cm Wide 14″ 35.5 Long

This cushion promotes good posture

So blood circulation, and shock isolation can be improved. This technology does so well to distribute weight and to keep you stable because of it’s unique design. The cushion is fully adjustable because that is required for all high performance so pain can be eliminated.

Light weight 12.3 oz. (348.7 g) and built to last

Because it is made from a high quality polyurethane and because it is welded construction. A motorcycle and auto cushion that can be also be used in your office chair so you can get pain relief and to increase your endurance. Made in the USA

$85.00 + $ 8.30 USPS

For: Adventure, Touring Motorcycle Seats 

Both sizes of these cushions uses three air chambers

You adjust to yourself, because that creates a custom fit and because it will increase your stability.

The air Adjustment will maintain itself for years.

This means you will not need to constantly readjust because of the material used and because of the welded construction. Recommended for seats 13″ 33 cm or narrower in width.

$85.00 + $8.30 USPS

BikeCushion Motorcycle and Auto Cushion for Back & Butt pain.

BikeCushion cushion’s will only raise you as little as 1/4″ (0.64 cm)

Two models, either a 15″(38.1 cm) and 13″(33 cm) wide are both 14″(35.56 cm) long. 15″ wide model are for seats 15″ wide or wider and the 13″ wide BikeCushion, is for seats that are of the same width or narrower. BikeCushion is a versatile driving cushion and can be used on your motorcycle or auto and works great in your office chair. It is a good alternative to a hemorrhoid donuts because of it’s superior weight distribution qualities and construction.

The supporting air bladder

Made of very durable polyurethane with no additives because the strength of the material with pigments, flame retardants and other additives weakens the tensile strength. The welded construction guaranties long service and can last a life time. The design couples your pelvis by designated voided spots for your sit bones, ischial tuberosities and the coccyx, perineum and your crotch. The reason to couple your pelvis is because that increases performance and makes the cushion work well.

Foam Base

BikeCushion uses a foam base with a slip resistant material laminated to the bottom because it is part of the cushioning system that makes it perform better than anything else. The urethane air bladder is fasten to the base with straps and not by the cover because this allows you to use it without the cover. Other cushions require the cover to mount the cushion and if their cover fails, you can’t mount the cushion with straps.

BikeCushion it’s not just a motorcycle and auto cushion

You can also use it in your boat or camper or at the ball game to relieve lower back and butt pain so you can enjoy work and play longer.

Your seat cushion worked great. It kept me in the proper position on the seat and helped to absorb the bumps. I felt very good after both days of riding and had no pain in my butt or back. I would recommend this cushion to anyone that wants to improve their comfort on a long ride.

Sincerely, Dan Larson

Thanks for a great product! Rode from Sedalia, MO to Green Bay, WI (13 !/2 hrs) straight through with only a lunch and supper break. Would have never made it on that rock-hard Corbin!!

Thanks Again! Larry

Your cushion performed well on the 300+-mile ride home. The cushion remained neutral temperature, which was beneficial, and did not shift / move when attached to the bike. It was comfortable the entire ride.

Best Regards, Mike

Making a Better Motorcycle Seat part 1

Do you have an old or new bike that the seat doesn’t work? Maybe the seat is either to tall or short, or the upholstery needs replacing. The main reason the seat does not work is because it hurts when you ride? Try making a better motorcycle seat.

You can add INFINITE or BikeCushion cushion on your existing seat without modifications, and that would be a great improvement. If you want something better, then eliminate that springy urethane foam. Using this method, of mounting the air cushion directly to your pan, can save money, apposed to a custom saddle. Most custom saddles can not give you a money back guaranty but the BikeCushion solution can. It’ easy to do and you will never go back to sitting on foam again once you feel the difference.

Eliminating foam that you are sitting on, and replace it with air, does two things. For one thing you’ll stop bouncing up and down on it. The polyurethane foam has a spring action. The more you push down the more it to pushes back. That adds to the over all bounce when riding bumpy roads. Another disadvantage is that soft foam is not stable while you sit. The Pelvis will tilt side to side making you spend more energy to keep a functional posture. Foam can be dense and shaped into a seat for stability but the trade off is a hard seat. Not being stable and bouncing at the same time, will make you fatigue and inhibits your vision. n. That is a few of my reasons that I claim my seating system is the best.

Winfield Matsler

3 Ways to Beat Lower Back pain While Driving.

When you buy a cushion or back support for lower back or sitting pain, most likely it will be a one size fits all product. Some may possibly help for one thing but not another or not work at all. That’s because when you are designing for the tall and short, men and women, petite and obese, the performance will be lost in the generic shape. Your choices are; foam and it’s variant types, gels shaped in slabs or in molded shapes, like a honey comb pattern, and air inflatables, they have been used the longest. Regardless what it is, the product should stop or relieve pain while you drive and the INFINITE cushion addresses these issues in three ways.

1. Encourages healthy posture and stability. Stable because, you are not tilting side to side that helps keep your spine straight. INFINITE does allow you to rock forward and back on your sitting bones. This rocking action encourages your pelvis to rotate forward for a healthy posture.

2. Greatly increase blood circulation. The main reason the INFINITE works so well is the ability to distribute your weight for good blood circulation. INFINITE fits in a way, that it couples the individual’s pelvis, having the greatest contact with you, than any other cushion for your vehicle. The benefits are many including lower back pain.

3. Absorbs shock from your spine. Air is compressible and can absorb shock from the road and isolate vibrations from the motor. These vibrations aggravate back pain and can make you fatigue.

Major advantage. Gel and foam products break down over time and will eventually stop working. Air does not deteriorate and will always perform the same.

The only cushion to fit people in 2 ways, mechanically and pneumatically.

The mechanical adjustment is, physically separating 2 air pockets, to match the protrusions of the ischial tuberosity. The distance between these 2 bony spots of your ischia, vary depending if you are a woman or a man and how tall you are. An average height women, is going to have a distance of 6″, 15.24 cm apart and If she was 6′, 183 cm tall, her ischial distance will be closer to 6.5″ or 16.5 cm. A short women, the distance between her bones will be closer to 5.5″ or 14 cm. For men, the average distance is 5″ or 12.7 cm of the iscial distance. Taller men, would be closer to 5.5″ and a distance of 4.5″ for shorter men. The INFINITE can fit all these sizes by using a rubber base, with 2 slotted settings for either 5″ or 6″ centers.

Determine your size, then weave a strap into the rubber base and through the bladder. These 2 setting will accommodate between 4.5″ to 6.5″ ischial distance, for the purpose of achieving a hydrostatic state in concert with the right amount of air. The reason INFINITE cushion works so incredibly well.

Pictured below is the bottom of the INFINITE cushion, showing 6 slots at the back for adjustment.

Without a cover, looking at the top back of the INFINITE cushion.

When sitting correctly in the cushion, your bones will be in the indentations of the bladder. The 2 voided areas where the strap weaves through. The photo above shows the bladder with the centers of the indentations, being at 5″ apart. This arrangement will fit persons, with a ischial distance, between 4.5″ to 5.5″. The other adjustment, is weaving the strap through the outside slots of the base, for persons between 5.5″ to 6.5″, ischial distance.

Pneumatic Adjustment

To have the most contact with the cushion, you sit in it deep as possible, with just enough air to keep you a float from touching bottom. In that state, the capillaries within your skin, will not be crushed by your weight. Different shaped people require different amounts of air in the badder. The highly bony person with little muscle mass, will require more air then someone with more muscle around their ischia.

The INFINITE cushion is superior in distributing your weight, for blood circulation, then any other product for your car. INFINITE cushion will keep working for years and will never lose it’s qualities. Built to last a life time.

Motorcycle and Auto Cushion for Lower Back & Butt pain

Review and Lower Back Pain

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