The Best Highly Displaceable Seat Surface for Blood Circulation.

• Reduce Fatigue  • Increases Circulation  • Absorbs Shock from Spine  • Heals Ulcers  • Durable

Motorcycle and Auto Cushion for Lower Back & Butt pain

Stops Back & Butt Pain

Stops  Back Butt Pain
Adventure/Sport Touring Motorcycles, ATVs,  & Snowmobiles

Therapeutic Seat  Pad For Tractor, RV, Cruiser, Car & Chairs


  • Reduce pain and fatigue by distributing weight and absorbing shock.
  • Adjust air in 3 chambers for stability and to customize the fit for you.
  • Special cover design works in concert with the air bladder. This cover keeps the seat cool.
  • Thick long lasting polyurethane bladder with a 3 year warranty.
  • Only raises you 3/16” (4.8mm) when properly adjusted.
  • Adapts to the different pelvis structures of Women and Men.
  • Voided areas to relieve pressures under the tail bone, crotch and ITs.
  • Textured urethane surface reduces heat and moisture from building up.


 $120.00 Include Shipping

A therapeutic cushion that stops back & butt pain by combining 3 features. First, being stable, not rocking side to side, and promotes a good lumbar lordosis. Secondly, absorb shock and isolates vibration, when you sit in compressible air. Third, and the most remarkable, the ability to distribute your weight for good blood circulation. This helps many issues, including lower back pain. Combining these 3 features, will cushion the spine & seat soreness for more work and play.

Made of Durable Polyurethane.
The welded construction guarantees long service and can last a lifetime. Made in USA



I purchased your cushion at the Branson Rally last weekend for my 2007 Sportster 1200 Low that has a Sundowner two-up seat installed. We rode back to Minnesota on Saturday and Sunday and put about 800 miles on the bike in two days. Your seat cushion worked great. It kept me in the proper position on the seat and helped to absorb the bumps. I felt very good after both days of riding and had no pain in my butt or back. I would recommend this cushion to anyone that wants to improve their comfort on a long ride.


Sincerely, Dan Larson

Thanks for a great product! Rode from Sedalia, MO to Green Bay, WI (13 1/2 hours) straight through with only a lunch and supper break. Would have never made it on that rock-hard Corbin!!


Thanks Again! Larry

I purchased a Bike Cushion at the BMWOA Rally for my R65. It performed well on the 300+ mile ride home. The ride was symptom free and enjoyable despite the often jarring roads at speeds of 65-70 mph. At no point did I experience the type of discomfort brought on with the stock seat alone. The cushion remained neutral temperature, which was beneficial, and did not shift/ move when attached to the bike. It was comfortable the entire ride. And most importantly, it provided a pocket of air between the seat and my body which prevented bruising. I am pleased to share my impressions with you. Good luck with your business!


Best Regards, Mike

Stop Back & Butt Pain

 Stop Back and Butt pain, in 3 easy ways. Putting the correct amount of air, in your BikeCushion, will immediately give you better blood flow. BikeCushion allows you to sit up, keep your back straight, for longer periods of time. BikeCushion suspense you in air,...

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BikeCushion is Now Selling Wheelchair Cushions!

BikeCushion is expanding their product line to include durable medical equipment. ViO Comfort, a wheelchair cushion, is designed to heal, and prevent, pressure sores. The cushion is hand  crafted, and is made of a proprietary materials. Like all inflatable cushions,...

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Got Back Pain When Diving or Riding?

Got Back Pain When Diving or Riding?

Driving With Pain. Having back pain while driving, I bought a foam car cushion, from Walmart for $12.00 similar to this . Nice shape, looked like my butt, and it had a cut out for my tail bone. When I first sat in it, there was a nice feel and gratification, but soon...

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Review and Lower Back Pain

Review and Lower Back Pain

Thank you Matt for your review and lower back pain story. Consequently like Matt, myself, and many others, will drive with lower back pain. BikeCushion products can stop lower back pain and keep it from coming back in 3 main ways. 1 This technology promotes the pelvis...

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Making a Better Motorcycle Seat part 1

Making a Better Motorcycle Seat part 1

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3 Ways to Beat Lower Back Pain While Driving.

3 Ways to Beat Lower Back Pain While Driving.

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