Making a Better Motorcycle Seat part 1

Do you have an old or new bike that the seat doesn’t work? Maybe the seat is either to tall or short, or the upholstery needs replacing. The main reason the seat does not work is because it hurts when you ride? Try making a better motorcycle seat.

You can add INFINITE or BikeCushion cushion on your existing seat without modifications, and that would be a great improvement. If you want something better, then eliminate that springy urethane foam. Using this method, of mounting the air cushion directly to your pan, can save money, apposed to a custom saddle. Most custom saddles can not give you a money back guaranty but the BikeCushion solution can. It’ easy to do and you will never go back to sitting on foam again once you feel the difference.

Eliminating foam that you are sitting on, and replace it with air, does two things. For one thing you’ll stop bouncing up and down on it. The polyurethane foam has a spring action. The more you push down the more it to pushes back. That adds to the over all bounce when riding bumpy roads. Another disadvantage is that soft foam is not stable while you sit. The Pelvis will tilt side to side making you spend more energy to keep a functional posture. Foam can be dense and shaped into a seat for stability but the trade off is a hard seat. Not being stable and bouncing at the same time, will make you fatigue and inhibits your vision. n. That is a few of my reasons that I claim my seating system is the best.

Winfield Matsler